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Beyond Measure Bakery: Opening Day

Dayna Altman, founder of Beyond Measure Bakery

May 16, 2021 was the opening day for Beyond Measure Bakery founded by Dayna Altman! The bakery - soon to be open for delivery orders! - combines treats, mental health resources, and support. The concept came to Dayna after she wrote her first book: Bake it Till You Make it, which is a first of its kind mental health and resilience cookbook.

Dayna's opening day event was a success! She planned multiple activities, from mural paintings to feelings stickers - all concepts that she wants to have when she is able to open a brick and mortar bakery.

How are you really feeling? Grab a sticker and let us know!

In Dayna's words, "Baking fuels connection, food tells a story, a bakery does both." Her aim with the mental health-based bakery is to offer delivery options to people to send treats to loved ones and if they want to, they can include a variety of mental health and suicide prevention based resources with the delivery. All of the treats are named creatively - from "The Warm Hug" to "The Therapist" - Dayna truly put love and effort into every aspect of the creation of this bakery.

Dayna's constant mental health advocacy efforts have not gone unnoticed. Everyone at the opening day event enjoyed her treats, her love, but perhaps most of all, her resilient spirit. She is an inspiration to talk to and be around and I for one can't wait to be able to order her treats with a side of mental health inspiration! Keep track of the opening day for the order form on her Beyond Measure Bakery site!

The box that treats will be delivered in! How awesome is that logo?

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